Keeping Abreast of Development

Edlund is an academic organisation employing a highly educated staff, and we work in close cooperation with universities. The synergies arising out of the meeting between the research and business communities are quite unique. This cooperation ensures that Edlund stays abreast of the latest developments. In addition, the cooperation results in products with a huge potential for our customers. 

The Actulus Research Project

ACTULUS® was developed in a joint research project with the University of Copenhagen and the IT University. The project is financially backed by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. ACTULUS® is a high-technology calculation platform for life and pension products based on the most recent IT technology and the most advanced insurance mathematical models.

ACTULUS renders it possible to calculate basic concepts such as provisions and cash flows. The calculations are scalable, and we have demonstrated that it is possible to perform calculations for one million insurance policies per hour.

Danish Mathematical Society

Edlund is sponsoring the Master's thesis prize (Specialeprisen) distributed by the Danish Mathematical Society to the year's best mathematical master's thesis submitted to a Danish university. It is natural for us to be the sponsor of this prize, since a large proportion of our employees hold degrees in mathematics.