Non-Life Insurance Policies The Easy Way

INPAS® stands for Insurance Policy Administration System and is a path-breaking new product targeted at non-life insurance companies. 

INPAS is a standard product which is easy to integrate with other systems typically employed by non-life insurance companies. The only components that require individual adaptation are the integration to finance, documents and migration. The rest is standard.

Low administration costs

Since the customisation is minimal, and all customers can exploit a shared software core, the overall costs of the product are low relative to the other solutions in the market. Due to the unique standard concept, non-life insurance companies become capable of swiftly introducing new insurance offers for their customers and at low system costs. 

Complete customer portfolio overview

In their day-to-day work, INPAS provides administrative staff with a complete overview of customers' policies, claims, offers and agreements together with an evaluation of each customer relationship.

INPAS is based on .NET and the most recent Microsoft technologies; it is web-hosted and integrates with all relevant Danish third party systems, such as e.g. EDI and DMR. 

Read more in our INPAS factsheet.